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PC UMC History

A Brief History of the First United Methodist Church of Pearl City

 First United Methodist Church of Pearl City originated in the 1840's as a simple prayer meeting conducted by Methodist Circuit Rider, Peter Cartwright. The congregation met at Kellogg's Grove, southeast of Kent. Later meetings were held in school houses, as they were the largest buildings at that time.

Charter records and dates have been lost over the years. However, we do know that in 1891, land was purchased for $500 on North Main St. and by 1893 Methodists were regularly meeting within Pearl City. The first records of membership date back to 1897 when D.T. Kahl was pastor of the congregation. By 1901 a Methodist church building stood on the lot on North Main Street.

Pearl City Methodist Church celebrated anniversaries of their church building in 1951 under Rev. R. Stump and in 1976 with Rev. Fred Rickleff. On November 18, 1977, shortly after Rev. David Vosecky came to the parish, a fire completely destroyed the church building.

The congregation immediately decided to rebuild.

Many meetings were held and many difficult decisions were made, one of which was to buy new land on the south side of town. Ground breaking ceremonies were held June 11, 1978 and on April 22, 1979 the new builing was concecrated by Bishop Paul Washburn.

Since the construction of the "new" church, the Pearl City UMC congregation has seen it's share of up's and down's, but has remained steadfast in several core principles: our belief in God and desire to worship Him faithfully, the importance of family and children in the life of the church, and the congregation's role in supporting the local community.


Today we are a vibrant and growing church, full of new energy and new ideas, but still holding on to the more than 175 years of history and tradition that make First UMC of Pearl City (a.k.a. Pearl City UMC) what it is today.

First UMC of Pearl City

Pastoral History

Dates Pastor
1897-1905 D. T Kahl
1905-1906 W.W. Liston
1906-1919 Records Lost
1919-1924 R.A. Stillings
1924-1934 Charles Fischer
1934-1939 J.M Beck
1939-1942 A.W. Otis
1942-1945 Daniel Jordan
1945 George Walker
1945-1950 E. Vandoske
1950-1952 Raymond Gordon
1952-1955 Randal Stump
1955-1957 Records Lost
1957-1959 Virgil Smith
1959-1961 E.S. Despain
1961 Lloyd Osborn
1962 William McLaughlin
1963-1965 Timothy Reeves (Supply)
1965-1966 Lewis Michaelson
1967-1972 George Furnival
1972-1977 Fred Rickliff
1977-1982 David Vosecky
1982-1984 Robert Web
1984-1986 Eldon Scriever
1986 Everett Wright
1987 Don Neiswander
1988 Carolyn Younts

David Decker

1995-1997 Nancy Blade
1997-2000 Gale Brandner
2000-2005 Jane Stimpert White

Douglas Carroll

2012-2016 DooSoo Lee
2016-2019 Matthew Smith
2019-2020 Donna Hoffman
2021- Douglas Carroll


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